Assemblr Mobile App

The Easiest Way to Visualize Your Ideas in the Palm of Your Hands.


Build your ideas on the go

We all can agree that ideas come and go in just matter of seconds. Losing ideas is everyone’s nightmare! Never forget your ideas ever again, with Assemblr! Our app is available both on iOS and Android. Just take out your phone and turn your ideas into creations anytime, anywhere

Block Oriented

Place. Transform. Repeat

You don’t have to be a tech savvy to use our app! We provide thousands of basic geometries, materials and colors. All you have to do is transform them into something unique! Pick. Place. Transform. Repeat. Everyone can do it!

Object Library

Don't re-invent the wheel; use our predefined objects!

Don’t waste your time by re-inventing basic geometries and objects! We offer a variety of predefined objects for you to use. You can use them as they originally are or transform them into your desired shapes. It would save you so much time!

Preview Instantly

From zero to AR in seconds

With the power of the best Augmented Reality (AR) ever existed, you will be able to put your creation in the real world. Transfer your creation to your table or scale it big in your backyard to see it in the real-life setting. It will work like a charm!

Social Features

Get inspired and inspire others

Having an artist’s block? Relax! Nothing to worry about. Get some inspiration from others’ creations. Want to be an inspiration for others as well? Just submit your creations and get the chance to be featured on our app and obtain rewards.


Compete with others

It’s time for you to shine! Build your creations, join the competitions, and show the world your talents! Win and claim interesting rewards just by being creative.  And if you don’t win, well… Don’t get discouraged! Many more competitions will be coming really soon! Don’t forget to join! After all, competition is a great way to improving your skills!

What are you waiting for?

Start visualize your idea