Assemblr Studio Updates

What's New 🔥

  • Assemblr Studio is now bilingual! Switch from English to Indonesian anytime.
  • Finally, you can upload your own custom marker!
  • Choose to publish projects to Assemblr app and/or Assemblr EDU
  • You might not notice it, but the file loading system has been upgraded! Get ready for some surprises.

Version 1.0.4

March 6, 2020
Hot Fix 🌶:
  • Change subscription API endpoint

Version 1.0.3

March 3, 2020
What's New:
  • Improve some UI elements
Bug Fixed:
  • Fixed the issue with object positioning due to number format differences

Version 1.0.2

February 24, 2020

What’s New:

  • Clean, improved UI
  • More supported pixel densities (DPI)
  • Optimized object movement
  • Improved object manipulation feature and drag scene
  • Fixed the issue with object selection
  • Fixed the issue with disappearing custom components
  • The app now handles EDU subscription count correctly
  • Added cmd/ctrl+D keyboard shortcut for duplicate tool
  • Added object list
  • Moved data storage location to fix permission issues
  • New! Installer & Uninstaller
  • UI improvement for Custom Object and Custom Marker count

Known Issues:

  • Problems with scrolling using Windows trackpad (related to Unity engine)

Version 1.0.1

January 23, 2020
What's New
  • Fix login issue

Version 1.0.0

January 22, 2020
What's New
  • We bring simple editor capability from our mobile app into Assemblr Studio. Now user can edit and create project directly from Assemblr Studio
  • User can import custom 3D object right from the editor
  • We removed the tris limitation, but we implement a 80mb soft-limit on each uploads. User still can upload any file bigger than 80mb but we'll warn them regarding inefficiency and performance issues
Known Issue
  • All project made in classic mode in our mobile app cannot be opened in Assemblr Studio