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With Assemblr's mobile app, create your ideas easily as you like, on mobile phone or tablet—anytime, anywhere.

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Presenting your idea to be easily grasped by others can be tedious. Simply put the object in the real world while explaining it to others!

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Showing to people around the world? No problem: share your project, and they'll enjoy the same experience wherever they are.

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Use cases

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I love making things out of building blocks, but when I found out about Assemblr, I could bring my creation anywhere and anytime I want!
Jordan Boyle
My class has never been so active before we decided to use our school's iPad and after we tried implementing Assemblr in our Biology class, it turned into a game changer! Explaining parts of a flagellata has never been so fun!
Katherine J.
Biology Teacher
Restoring works of the highly known polymath of the Renaissance could be done digitally in Assemblr in just a short amount of time. I keep it as a reference for future enhancements. That's what inventions are for!
Joseph-Louis Mondrien
History student
The first day I decided to plug my iPad to the projector and present the class with a 3D rotating model of an evaporation system, was the day when students finally got engaged with the Geography lesson. Phew!
Sarah S.
Geography Teacher
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Visualization and Beyond:
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The way you show your product/brand/IP to the world can be critical, and to reach success, it lies in the way you deliver the campaign for your products. We want to help you to visualize it immersively and attractive as possible. With Assemblr, you will be able to upload your own custom 3D models and your clients will be able to see it easily in 3D and AR!

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