3D Model Import

From 3D to AR in seconds

Nothing has to change in the way you build your design. Assemblr Studio supports any 3D contents from *.FBX 3D file format (*.OBJ soon). All you need to do is login using credential you use in Assemblr app, import your works from your favorite 3D modelling software — we’ll help you with the rest. Register your account here.

Adjustment & Optimization

Twist and tweak at ease

With our intuitive tools, you can modify and adjust your 3D contents for AR purpose in a breeze. Scale and rotate your objects or adjust materials and animation to make it ready for AR conversion.

Conversion & Upload

Export, publish, and put it for show

Convert optimized 3D files into Assemblr’s own format (.blr) for use in Assemblr mobile app, just hit the upload button, and that’s it! You’re ready to share and present your projects in AR anytime, anywhere using your on-the-go devices.

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